Dia di Rincon, April 30, 2019

dia di rincon bonaire

Traditionally celebrated at the end of the Simadan (harvest), Dia Di Rincon has been a cultural event for over 30 years already. Although the event hearkens back to Rincon’s heritage, today it also encompasses 21st-century pastimes, such as good local food, music and dancing.

The festivities start early in the morning with the 7 o’clock Mass (or Misa di Dia Di Rincon), followed by hoisting the Rincon Flag, and continue all day into the wee hours. Visitors enjoy many activities showcasing Bonaire’s unique history and culture. Stalls are offering food, drinks and things to buy. On several stages you can enjoy folkloric dance groups and live bands.

Simply meandering down Rincon’s main street will bring any cisitor close to beautifully costumed dancers, singers and other wellknown Rincon inhabitants.

This is also the perfect moment to taste the delicious Rom Rincon of The Cadushy Distillery, if you haven’t already..

The last parade of Dia di Rincon is the best, according to many. The Simadan parade takes place in the late afternoon, while later in the evening there is a modern simadan as well.

Everyone has music running through their veins and the party mood is on! As the parade slowly walks, or actually dances, through the streets of Rincon, people start to walk with them and queue behind the last truck. Huge speakers take care of filling the streets with great local music. As long as the music is on, everyone dances in the last parade of Dia di Rincon! And if you did not have a chance to go to Rincon this year, make sure you will not miss it next year!

Nice detail; our own Irna is a happy participant in the parade!

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