Underwater Cleanup & Debris Free Bonaire

Join Dive Friends Bonaire on the Next Quarterly Clean-Up on  July 9th. Dates for the last clean up of the year will be October 15th.

Dive Friends Bonaire organizes and sponsors the quarterly Bonaire Underwater Clean Up Dive. They invite and welcome any participants who want to combine vacation with doing the right thing for their reefs! Quarterly cleanups give us all the opportunity to focus on the removal of new trash rather than disturbing the flora and fauna that have taken up residence in older trash. The sponsors provide free air and a potluck BBQ after this dive, but they do ask you to bring a small side dish if you come to the BBQ.

If you can’t make a clean up, consider participating in the Debris Free Bonaire campaign. The eastern coastline of Bonaire accumulates a large amount of plastic debris that has drifted in from South America. It is extremely dangerous to our ecosystem and our sea turtles. If you would like to help rid the east coast of the mounting debris,visit any one of Dive Friends Bonaire’s five dive centers where they will show you on a map where the areas of concern are located and provide you with a large mesh bag which you can fill and return for recycling at Dive Friends Hamlet Oasis. For more information on these important programs please visit the Dive Friends website or e-mail cleanup@divefriendsbonaire.com

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